Project Description

CONTRACT NAME: OSP-05 Two 300 CFS Pumps w/Generator at Drainage Pump Station No. 5

LOCATION: Orleans Parish, LA


OWNER: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Scope of Work

The Pump Station No. 5 project was constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers for the operation and use of the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.  This project was constructed as part of the Hurricane Risk Reduction System to add significant pumping capacity to an area of New Orleans prone to flood events.

This new pump station was constructed to include two 300 cubic feet per second vertical electrical motor driven pumps with a 2.5 MW diesel driven generator supplying 4160V of standby power. To construct the station, Cycle teamed with the M.R. Pittman Group (MRPG) to capitalize on their immense experience in pump station construction.  The Cycle/MRPG team was able to deliver a state of the art and architecturally pleasing pump station for our clients.

The project scope included the civil construction elements of demolition and replacement of heavily reinforced concrete structures, deep cofferdams, piling, subsurface utilities, concrete and asphalt paving. Mechanical features include radiators, air compressors, diesel storage tanks, fans, louvers and silencers, and other associated work. Finally, the architectural features included a blast proof concrete shell consisting of an interior control room complete with restroom facilities, a brick façade to match the adjacent station and a metal roof to complete the look.