Project Description

CONTRACT NAME: LPV 104.01a, London Avenue to IHNC Authorized Level, Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity

LOCATION: Orleans Parish, LA


OWNER: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Scope of Work

Cycle performed as the Prime Contractor on this USACE Project. This project had 15 month contract duration. Due to an aggressive schedule and some innovative construction methods, Cycle was able to complete the project 4 months ahead of schedule. In addition, over $1.5 million in contract additions were made to the scope of work with no increase in contract time.

This project dealt with the logistical constraints of working six different sites simultaneously and coordinating the traffic relocations along the majority of Lakeshore Drive area. Included in this work area, were coordination and re-routing of traffic for the University of New Orleans Facilities: the main campus, Lakefront Arena, and the Technology Park. Cycle had to maintain 24 hour security at each of these sites, while still conducting efficient construction activities.

The scope of this project included establishing and maintaining a traffic control plan, clearing and grubbing, silt fence installation, demolition of a water tank and pump building, concrete and asphalt pavement removal, curb and gutter removal, extensive drainage modifications, installation of 12” waterlines, tree transplantation and replacement, placement of compacted fill, geotextile placement, aggregate base course, asphalt placement, pavement striping, concrete sidewalk replacement, installation of new traffic signs, guardrail installation, H-pile installation, sheet pile installation, concrete buttresses, joint replacement along the I-wall, and a turf establishment plan.

This project had no loss time accidents and was awarded the prestigious U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety Now Advocate Group 2010 Superior Safety Certificate from the Hurricane Protection Office.