Project Description

CONTRACT NAME: Remedial Measures Ground Improvement IHNC West Reach III Stations 220+00+/- to 238+00+/-

LOCATION: Orleans Parish, LA


OWNER: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Scope of Work

This 90-day project stabilized an 1850 linear foot section of floodwall located along the Inner Harbor Navigational Canal which was compromised by the impacts of the recent hurricanes. In order to meet this compressed schedule, Cycle crews worked 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Additionally, no equipment was allowed access to the protected side of the levee, which caused additional logistical challenges and required the project to be built from the opposite side of the floodwall. In the end, Cycle met the June 1 deadline by installing 70,000 LF of 35” diameter soil cement columns, raised the levee, and installed 1850 LF of concrete scour protection.

The scope of this project included the installation of ground stabilization columns (70,000 LF of 35” diameter cement columns approximately 40 LF deep each), installation of clay embankment, installation of 6” concrete scour protection, installation of safety fencing and extensive storm water pollution measures, installation of truck wash down racks, removal of existing grouted stone rip rap, creating and implementing a traffic control plan, seeding and fertilizing.