Project Description

CONTRACT NAME: Gardere Canal Phase III & Murphy Canal Phase I




Scope of Work

This project was part of the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Risk Reduction Project, known locally as the SELA program. This program was started in 1996 and has initiated many large scale construction projects in the Greater New Orleans that are designed to reduced flooding from rainfall by improving drainage in the area. The Gardere Canal project is another key element in the SELA system.

The Gardere Canal project was a 12,200 linear foot project that included the excavation of 110,000 cubic yards of canal bottom to provide greater flow, installation of 24,400 wall feet of vinyl sheet piling, supply and installation of 70,000 tons of rip rap, construction of 24,400 linear feet of concrete slope paving, numerous sewer, water and drainage modifications, and the replacement of a concrete pile supported bridge.

This project included numerous logistical challenges associated with constructing a large scale drainage project in an urban area including constructing a significant portion of the project from a barge.