Project Description

CONTRACT NAME: Construction and Automation of Safe Rooms at Five JP Westbank Drainage Pump Stations

LOCATION: Jefferson Parish, LA


OWNER: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Scope of Work

This contract included the total construction and automation of Five Safe Room Structures in Jefferson Parish, LA.  As a result of Hurricane Katrina and the Jefferson Parish decision to evacuate pump operators, it became apparent the need for the US Army Corps of Engineers and Jefferson Parish officials to have Safe House structures for pump station operators to reside during hurricane and storm events.  In addition to having the need for a safe facility, the concept also called for the remote operation of the five pump stations.  The remote operation features, allow the pump operator to fully operate the station from the safe house and not have to return to a pump station during inclement weather.

The structures consisted of concrete foundations, pre-cast concrete piles, cast-in-place concrete platforms, procurement and installation of the actual safe rooms, installation of all utility hook-ups (electrical, water, sewerage), and installation of diesel fuel systems. This automation of the existing drainage pump stations at all five sites was performed while maintaining ongoing pump station operations throughout the construction period. The automation included the installation of various mechanical and electrical control devices and equipment for the existing drainage pump stations.

This 150-day project was performed on schedule with a notice to proceed within seven days from bid day. We expended approximately 40,000 man-hours with no loss time accidents recorded.  Additionally, we received an outstanding rating from the US Army Corps of Engineers on this project.