Project Description

CONTRACT NAME: Crochet Ditch Improvements at Mays Yard

LOCATION: Metairie, LA – Mays Yard


OWNER: Canadian National

Scope of Work

Cycle was hired by CN Railroad to perform a Design Build solution for an aging existing bridge outside of their new office facility at the Mays Yard in Metairie, LA.  Cycle and its engineers were able to design a plan to remove the bridge and replace the bridge with 72” steel culverts.  The existing 50’ x 100’ creosote bridge was removed.  New 72” steel pipe was installed and welded in sections and bored under the existing tracks.  Following the installation of the pipe and a large concrete drainage structure, an asphalt parking lot was constructed above the pipe.  All work was constructed while working in close proximity to all of the active tracks at the Mays Yard including high-speed Amtrak lines.

The use of the Design Build method allowed the project to be completed in an expedited manner.  Bridge removal was taking place while some of the design elements were still being worked out.  The constant teamwork and coordination between the Cycle engineer, the construction team, and the CN railroad team, eliminated many of the issues that normally occur on tradition design/bid/bid projects.