Dock Fender Improvements (Cargo Dock 1, Dock Extension and Dock 2)

Project Description

CONTRACT NAME:  Dock Fender Improvements (Cargo Dock 1, Dock Extension and Dock 2)

LOCATION: Port Allen, LA


OWNER: Port of Greater Baton Rouge

Scope of Work

The Port of Greater Baton Rouge required an upgrade to the aging facilities to keep pace with the needs of their tenants.  The Port’s existing fender system and mooring equipment could no longer safely support the increased size of the ships berthing at the facility.  The project scope was to be completed during the Mississippi Rivers low water stage.  The seven new fenders were prefabricated in section and shipped to the Port for final assembly and installation.  Cycle Marine subcontracted Fabricari LLC to fabricated and install the fenders onsite while working from Cycle’s floating plant.  The fenders ranged in weight and size.  Five of the “typical” fenders were 50’ long and 40’ tall weighting 92,500 lbs and two “stair” fenders were 75’ long and 40’ tall weighting 143,000 lbs. each.




Project Description

CONTRACT NAME: Living Shoreline Demonstration Project (PO-148)

LOCATION: Hopedale, LA


OWNER: LA Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Scope of Work

A demonstration project in Eloi Bay to create Living Shorelines. This project utilized multiple projects to test the long term viability of the products. We installed 565 EA Reef Blocks, 2,557 EA Oyster Breaks, 2,573 EA Reef Balls, 1,517 EA Wave Attenuating Device’s, and 10 EA Shorejax Systems. We also installed 53 EA navigation aids consisting of steel piling, signage and navigational lighting.


Project Description

CONTRACT NAME: Des Allemands Breakwater Bulkhead Project

LOCATION: Des Allemands (Lafourche Parish, Louisiana)


OWNER: Lafourche Parish Government

Scope of Work

The Des Allemands Breakwater Bulkhead project was an extremely important project for the residents of Des Allemands.  Situated in a low lying area of the state, this waterside community experienced flooding during most high water and storm events.  Cycle was the low bidder on the project to provide a new steel sheet pile bulkhead, which would provide a higher level of flood protection for the community.   This project was designed to utilize land based construction methods adjacent to many close houses and roadways.  Cycle discovered early in the process that Entergy power lines could not be de-energized or relocated to safely allow installation of the sheet piling and associated H-Pile tie back system.  As a result, Cycle got creative.  The Cycle team was able to develop a plan to use a specialized press-in pile system that would allow the piling to be installed with minimal vibration and noise impact to the adjacent residents.  This press-in system allowed for a much smaller footprint of area needed to install the piling.  Finally, Cycle made the decision to drive all of the H-Piles from a floating plant in the Bayou.   Despite these significant changes to the intended operations, Cycle was able to deliver the project ahead of schedule with no cost increase to the owner as a result of the changes.

Cycle installed approximately 1,200 linear feet of bulkhead consisting of 55,000 sf of steel sheet piles and supporting tie back piling and bracing.