Tips to Keep Your Construction Project on Schedule

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“Time is money.” No better phrase describes the importance of keeping a construction project on schedule. When projects run off the scheduling rails – be it from inclement weather or poor communications among team members – the end-result is almost always lost profit and a blow to the construction company’s reputation.

The smart contractor plans for contingencies and aligns all the moving parts into a reasonable schedule.

Following are five ways to keep a construction project on schedule and under budget.

1. Hire the Right People:
Ensure that you hire an experienced construction firm that has built a reputable team of project managers, estimators, and subcontractors. Check references and ensure that they can manage a large-scale construction project. Once selected, a good contractor will develop a manageable schedule and plan for all types of construction activities, from securing permits to site preparation.  Depending on the scale of the project, these time-consuming activities could take anywhere from two to six months.

2. Review Construction Plans, Specs & Project Documents: 
A reliable contractor keeps a keen eye on detail. They carefully analyze and understand the construction plans, so they are familiar with all aspects of the job. This helps in planning for day-to-day activities, such as material placement, equipment storage, jobsite trailer, break areas, and access points for employees.

3. Communicate & Collaborate:
Open communication is integral to staying on schedule. Capable contractors establish not only solid procedures and protocols to avoid delays, they also establish trusting relationships and communications among all stakeholders. When problems arise – and they will – a good contractor works with the entire team to troubleshoot issues and resolve delays. Good communications improve teamwork, lead to better project collaboration, and increase jobsite productivity.

4. Develop a Contingency Plan 
As Murphy’s Law says: “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” When that happens in a project, an experienced contractor will have crafted contingency plans in place and ready for immediate execution.

5. Monitor & Analyze Progress Routinely
It’s a rare thing for a project to adhere exactly to the schedule. For that reason, an efficient project manager monitors progress daily, while keeping an eye on the budget and risk management. They also know how to adjust tasks downstream if changes to the schedule arise.

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