Seven employees earn their Cycle Red Hardhat

Men presented with red hard hats

After completing a 90-day onsite training period, seven Cycle team members were given their coveted Cycle Red Hardhat, a symbol of understanding and dedication to Cycle’s safety guidelines and operating policies.

Safety Trainer Roland Helms bestowed red hard hats to Frederick Nieve, Charles Chauvin, Damon Variste, Taures King, Eddie Cade, Ronnie Bardell and Charles Rhodes in a ceremony at Cycle University, the company’s training headquarters.

“We are proud of these men for completing the training period,” said Helms. “But it is more than just compiling safety credentials; our goal at Cycle is to build up each individual with the proper knowledge and empower them to become safety ambassadors for every one of our jobs. These men are now ready to do just that.”

The Cycle Safety Program

Once a new hire starts on the job, they are required to work an initial probationary period where they wear a standard white hardhat. During this time, Cycle employees learn:

  • Safe work practices, including safety inspections and accident reporting
  • On-site job hazards and risks
  • How to properly handle hazardous and non-hazardous materials
  • General power tool operation and safety
  • Mobile and industrial equipment operating guidelines
  • Job features and responsibilities of rigging and signals
  • Job features and responsibilities of trenching and shoring
  • How to respond and report situations requiring first aid.

After the training period ends, the employees earn a Cycle Red Hat, meaning that they are equipped with the knowledge and resources to shut down a job if they feel safety is compromised.

“We strive to bring excellence to the construction industry; in our workmanship, and in the way we conduct business,” said Jonathan Kernion, President of Cycle Construction. “That is why we hire high-quality people who share in our unwavering commitment to safety.  I am very proud of our team.”

Cycle is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees and clients, as well as having safe means and methods in place on the job site. Ensuring everyone goes home safely to their respective families is a top priority for the company.

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