Raising the Bar on Safety

Cycle worker operating large bucket scoop

Cycle Construction is preparing to roll out a new safety management software that should save time and money – while saving lives. Created specifically for the construction industry, HCSS Safety is a complete system that centralizes and streamlines all of Cycle’s safety operations. The result: Less paperwork and administrative time; and more opportunities for project teams to improve efficiency and take a more proactive approach to the safety protocol.

“After years of managing our safety procedures manually, using excel spreadsheets and word documents, we now have a paperless system, with everything in one location,” says Jared King, Cycle Construction’s Safety Director.  “The benefits are far-reaching. Our project teams, while always on alert, can be comforted by the fact that every possible measure has been taken to ensure a secure environment. For clients, a superior safety system keeps projects running on schedule and within budget.”

HCSS is not entirely new to Cycle’s safety department. For almost 20 years, Cycle has worked with the software company to manage projects from bid to completion.  Cycle currently uses HCSS HeavyBid, HCSS HeavyJob. In 2017, Cycle teamed with Safety Pro Resources Consulting to revamp the company’s entire safety manual, so a total safety system revamp with the HCSS Safety program seemed to be the next logical step.

HCSS Safety is available in web and mobile app form. It features more than 1,000 pre-built meetings, inspections, and Jobs Hazards Analysis (JHA) templates, allowing teams to quickly build a comprehensive safety program to reduce risky behaviors and keep employees safe.

With HCSS Safety Software on a smartphone or tablet, a project team member can accomplish many tasks in a fraction of the time it’s taken in the past. This includes:

  • Recording document meetings, inspections, and near misses.
  • Storing photos.
  • Highlighting items that need corrective action; and define follow-up items.
  • Tracking all safety data online.
  • Analyzing trends, forecast incidents, run reports, and achieve OSHA compliance.
  • Bidding and winning more work.
  • Correcting dangerous trends, while reducing incidents, and lowering Experience Modification Rate (EMR).

“Everything is saved in the program: Training certificates, reports, and everything is coordinated, efficient and streamlined,” King says, adding, “It allows us to focus less on clerical duties and more on making a safer workplace and jobsite.”

Leading up to the program’s scheduled May roll-out, about 20 of Cycle’s supervisors – in addition to safety staff and project managers – will receive tablets and HCSS Safety training.

For more information on Cycle’s Safety program, click here.