Nashville Avenue Wharf: “A” Substructure Repairs

deteriorating pile

Cycle Marine Group, Inc of Kenner, LA is overseeing the restoration of more than 4,000 piles supporting the Nashville Avenue Terminal Complex in New Orleans. The family-owned company was awarded the $20 million project in early 2017.

The Terminal Complex is one of nearly a dozen Mississippi River cargo terminals owned by the Port of New Orleans. It is an important transfer point for much ofthe Port’s breakbulk, primary, and containerized cargo.

repaired pilesThe project involves restoration of steel “H”, pipe and Krupp piles that have withstood years of wear and tear on the river and require extensive repairs. Piles are first excavated and examined down to the steel core.  Salvageable piles are then pressure-washed and fitted with rebar.  For additional buttressing, a rebar cage is installed around the pile’s exterior. After being fitted with a fiberglass jacket, a specially-designed high-strength cement grout is poured around the perimeter of the targeted area.  The process is finished when an epoxy cap is placed on the top of the jacket, waterproofing the restored pile.

The project schedule was coordinated with the Port, first focusing on repairs in critical zones, while allowing the tenant to perform operations around the work area.  Worked began in July 2017, continuing through the river’s “dry” or low-water-level season. By the end of February, team had restored approximately 1,500 piles.

With spring underway and river levels rising, Cycle will demobilize the project until river levels fall below the workable threshold. The remainder of the pile restoration will resume in the fall. Completion is projected in spring of 2019.

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