Cycle Shores The Way to Success at its Annual Safety Stand Down

Cycle Construction recently held its annual Safety Stand Down, an OSHA initiative that drives meaningful conversation between employers and employees about construction safety guidelines.  This year’s theme was Shoring the Way to Success: Making Shore We Get Home Safe.  The event included an in-depth presentation on trench and excavation safety by Brent LeGuin, United Rentals, as well as a fall protection demonstration by Freddie Bankston, MSA Safety.

LeGuin educated the staff about the dangers of unprotected trenches, excavation risks, and the importance of trench inspections.  Attendees learned about underground construction safety, soil classifications and characteristics, as well as OSHA Compliant Protective Systems and Solutions.  LeGuin shared impactful photographs and relevant news articles on the dangers of shoring.

“Brent LeGuin’s safety presentation about the risks of shoring was extremely valuable for our staff, especially seeing the vivid photographs and hearing first-hand about real trench risk factors,” said Kevin Kernion, Executive Vice-President/CAO. “At Cycle, safety is our number one priority.  We want to make sure our employees return home to their families every evening the same way they arrived that morning, in one piece, unharmed.”

In addition, Fall Protection Specialist Freddie Bankston, MSA Safety, shared helpful tips on Fall Protection, which included:

  • The ABC’s of fall protection
  • Proper selection, pre-use inspection, and care of fall protection equipment
  • Proper donning and doffing of a harness
  • Hazard recognition, evaluation, and control
  • Fall Clearance

Nathan Kernion, Cycle Construction Executive Vice-President and COO, said, “Falls in the construction industry are the leading cause of death among workers, according to OSHA. When serious injury or death is a possible risk, it is of the utmost importance that all Cycle workers on a construction site work together to prevent falls.”

The Safety Stand Down event concluded with a live demonstration by Bankston showing the effects of selecting the proper fall protection equipment versus choosing the wrong equipment.

Employees received a special Cycle Safety Stand Down t-shirt designed by local talent KISSYFISH Design and printed by Gus Willy Apparel.  They also enjoyed delicious hamburgers by Burgers Ya Heard.



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