Cycle Gets a Thumbs Up from PreK 3

Cycle Construction got a big “thumbs up” from the St. Dominic PreK 3 class this morning when team member Troy David visited with a Peterbilt 600 horse power tractor truck from our heavy haul fleet. These future construction professionals got an up-close look at a “big truck” and they definitely approved!

Exploring through touch, the children got “hands-on” experience by sitting in the driver’s seat for a pretend test drive. They also learned through discovery by visiting each side of the truck and counting the number of wheels. And they correctly counted 12 wheels.

Afterwards, the children lined up to see how many of them it would take to equal the length of the truck. (It took all 40 PreK3 children!)

Troy was available to answer all of the great questions about the heavy equipment and his job at Cycle.

We’d like to thank PreK teachers, Ms. Melissa and Ms. Katie, for sharing your precious cargo with us!  We love seeing these smiles!

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