Cycle Construction Implements All Tools Accounted For (ATAF) Program with Mobile App

Tool program has increased organization, visibility and accountability

Managing a successful construction project requires overseeing a lot of moving parts, one of which is ensuring the proper tools make it to the jobsite.  If a specific tool is missing, the job could get shut down costing significant money for both the contractor and the client. Having an accurate tool inventory management system is integral to the success of any project, providing contractors with real-time data about their tools and assets at any given time.

“Small tool tracking has always been a major hurdle within the industry,” said Kevin Kernion, Executive Vice President and CAO. “It’s extremely costly not to track small tools, so we made it a company goal two years ago to address this issue and find the right small tool program to fit Cycle’s needs.”

Cycle Construction recently implemented All Tools Accounted For (ATAF), a tool tracking program that was designed and implemented with the help and buy-in of the entire Cycle team. The goal was to build a catalog of tools and equipment to help protect the significant investment Cycle was making in tools. Over time, the total value of a tool inventory can grow to represent a substantial investment, thus protecting and organizing this investment was paramount.

“Before we chose a software system to help us achieve ATAF, it was important to get our employees involved; they were the ones who would actually be affected by this, and would be held responsible for borrowing small tools,” said Kernion. “Employees completed surveys to determine how they would properly track tools, what criteria should be included in the policy, and how they would achieve accountability.”

After extensive research, Cycle selected and implemented ShareMyToolbox, an inventory management and small tool tracking software. This mobile app makes it easy to classify tools and assign them to the employees, trucks, job sites, warehouses, tool boxes, and other locations responsible for the care of the tools.

“In addition to bringing connectivity to every job site, ShareMyToolbox has helped Cycle shift tool responsibility to the field, adding accountability and visibility to each team members for the tools they use and transfer. “

It has taken Cycle approximately two months to implement this tool program and achieve a complete ATAF. Currently, Cycle is tracking over 2,900 small tools valuing over $230,000.

“Cycle has always been committed to staying on the forefront of technology and striving for excellence in all that we do,” said Kernion. “And especially in a field where time is critical, this ATAF program has helped improve our efficiency and reduce spending.”


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