Accidents Happen: Routine Safety Audits Must Be A Top Priority

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Fact: One in ten construction workers are injured every year.
Fact: Over the course of a 45-year career, a construction worker has a 1 in 200 chances of dying on the job.
Fact: Falls are the greatest cause of fatal construction injuries.
Fact: The most-violated OSHA standard is fall protection.
Fact: The construction industry is #2 in the United States for fatal injuries in workers younger than 18.
Fact: Sixty percent of construction workplace injuries occur within the employee’s first year of employment.
Fact: Exposure accounts for 15.7% of all construction injuries.
Fact:  Between 2002 and 2012, 19.5% of all workplace deaths were from the construction industry.

These are staggering statistics, and the truth is, many of these common injuries could have easily been prevented if proper safety protocols and routine safety audits were in place.

Merely having a safety program is useless without constant monitoring, persistent observation and a comprehensive understanding of risks and deficiencies on the jobsite. A safety audit does just that.  Performed on site, an audit should involve analyzing all tools, equipment, procedures, liability exposure, security, environmental issues, and contracted workers’ equipment, among others. They are vital to ensuring all team members implement safe work practices, and can potentially significantly reduce jobsite accidents

At Cycle Construction, we make safety our top priority. We conduct routine safety audits on a regular basis, resulting in little to no injuries on our jobsites. We practice what we preach: safety. It is our responsibility to ensure that all employees return to their families safe each day.

Top 7 Reasons to Implement Routine Safety Audits Immediately:

  1. Saves Lives and Assets – An audit uncovers safety risks and it’s better to find out before an accident occurs. It keeps workers safe and costs low – a win-win for any company.
  1. Evaluates Effectiveness of Your Safety Training Program – An audit ensures that every team member attended safety training and are capable and confident to stop a job if they feel safety has been compromised.
  1. Uncovers Possible Hazards– If a hazard is discovered on the jobsite, a safety audit will outline proper protocols to reporting the hazard, documenting the observed danger with written and photo documentation. Most importantly, it helps resolve the unsafe working condition.
  1. Ensures all equipment is safe. If not properly maintained, construction equipment can be dangerous. Dull blades, exposed wiring, and tools that don’t work properly can lead to safety hazards. All equipment should be analyzed for damage prior to every use.
  1. Keeps Everyone Accountable and Prepared While audits are meant to cut down on unsafe work practices, accidents do happen. A safety audit prepares for these occasions. For example, if a crew member falls, everyone should know the steps to take to get the person the care they need.
  1. Increases Productivity – A safe and clean job site allows workers to move around with ease and accomplish their tasks in record time. When everyone knows how to work safely – eliminating the delays and interruptions that job site accidents cause – the project can be completed on schedule.
  1. Verifies OSHA compliance standards – Ensuring your jobsite adheres to all OSHA rules and regulations saves your company from major fines, work delays and other work challenges.

At Cycle, every employee adopts a safety-first mindset. We’ve recently Raised the Bar on Safety by collaborating with Safety Pro Resources Consulting to revamp the company’s entire safety manual. We utilize the HCSS Safety program which centralizes and streamlines all of Cycle’s safety operations. In fact, our efforts earned us the prestigious AGC Excellence in Construction Safety Award, as well as numerous other safety awards.

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