Cycle Recognizes Pillars of our Safety Program at Annual Safety Banquet

Cycle leadership recognized employees that consistently demonstrated a commitment to safety at the 2019 Annual Safety Banquet hosted at Southport Hall.  Employees who were incident and accident-free for the year were awarded coveted prizes for their commitment to best practices in safety.

“This year’s Safety Banquet theme focused on the importance of leadership and its impact on every aspect of business,” said Jonathan Kernion. “We believe it is critical to cultivate effective leaders who actively manage and fairly enforce safety rules on the jobsite to ensure that employee safety is never compromised.”

The Cycle team was honored to hear premiere motivational speaker Bob McCall of Inspire High Performance speak about the importance of leadership in safety.  Cycle employees learned about accountability, leadership, culture, expectations, safety and best practices. They learned about cultivating a high performing team, one that works together and always challenges the status quo in order to have a positive and sustainable impact on their clients.

“Bob McCall’s inspirational talk directly aligns with Cycle’s mission for safety,” said Kernion. “When every employee leads by example, engages and listens to their fellow employees and demonstrates a commitment to safety, overall construction safety improves, and the human and business consequences of workplace incidents significantly decrease. And that is our number one priority.”

2019 Employee of the Year: Chris Tobin

We are pleased to announce that Chris Tobin, Heavy Equipment Operator, was awarded the 2019 Employee of the Year for his unwavering dedication to Cycle and his impressive safety record.

“Since he started at Cycle four years ago, Chris has consistently demonstrated the core values that this company was founded on: integrity, innovation, relationships, quality and safety,” said Nathan Kernion, Executive Vice President and COO.  “Chris has been incident-free for his tenure and has served as a great example of leadership daily.  He is a true value add to our company and our clients. We are proud to have him on our team.”

The Safety Banquet concluded with a gift giveaway for those members celebrating their one, five, ten, and twenty-year work anniversaries. Employees were recognized with a plaque and other prizes, including Cycle ice chests, various gift cards, outdoor cooking gear and grills, and Crawfish boiling pot with burners, to name a few.

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Cycle Construction Hosts First Annual Safety Stand Down

Cycle Construction recently hosted its first annual “Safety Stand Down”. Established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the initiative enables business owners to better explain construction safety guidelines to staff. Cycle’s Safety Stand Down included a presentation by Louisiana One Call and an onsite, “digging around underground utilities” demonstration by Cycle President and CEO Jonathan Kernion. Continue reading “Cycle Construction Hosts First Annual Safety Stand Down”

Cycle Construction Implements All Tools Accounted For (ATAF) Program with Mobile App

Tool program has increased organization, visibility and accountability

Managing a successful construction project requires overseeing a lot of moving parts, one of which is ensuring the proper tools make it to the jobsite.  If a specific tool is missing, the job could get shut down costing significant money for both the contractor and the client. Having an accurate tool inventory management system is integral to the success of any project, providing contractors with real-time data about their tools and assets at any given time. Continue reading “Cycle Construction Implements All Tools Accounted For (ATAF) Program with Mobile App”

Accidents Happen: Routine Safety Audits Must Be A Top Priority

Cycle hard hat on ground

Fact: One in ten construction workers are injured every year.
Fact: Over the course of a 45-year career, a construction worker has a 1 in 200 chances of dying on the job.
Fact: Falls are the greatest cause of fatal construction injuries.
Fact: The most-violated OSHA standard is fall protection.
Fact: The construction industry is #2 in the United States for fatal injuries in workers younger than 18.
Fact: Sixty percent of construction workplace injuries occur within the employee’s first year of employment.
Fact: Exposure accounts for 15.7% of all construction injuries.
Fact:  Between 2002 and 2012, 19.5% of all workplace deaths were from the construction industry. Continue reading “Accidents Happen: Routine Safety Audits Must Be A Top Priority”

How to avoid construction cost overruns on your project

construction workers making stuff

Civil construction projects are typically long-term projects with an array of moving parts. Over the course of several months and sometimes years, these parts often change, impacting the project’s budget and leading to cost overruns. This happens as a result of design errors, unexpected site conditions, increases in project scope, weather conditions, engineering changes and more. Nationwide, construction cost overruns average 15% to 25%, and most lenders recommend including a 20% contingency for project budgets. At Cycle Construction, we challenge these statistics and do everything possible to minimize cost overruns for our clients. Continue reading “How to avoid construction cost overruns on your project”

Empire, LA Floodgate Removal

Cycle Construction recently played a key role in a project designed to help vessels access and navigate a busy channel in Empire, LA. Performing as a subcontractor to Kiewit-Pittman JV on this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, (USACE) project, the family-owned company was tasked with removing a 105-ton floodgate. Having weathered decades of storms and tides, the old floodgate – which lay under water when not closed – was damaging the bottoms of passing vessels in the channel.  In 2017, Kiewit-Pittman completed construction of a new structure and gate, making the remaining old structure both obsolete and a hazard. Continue reading “Empire, LA Floodgate Removal”