Empire, LA Floodgate Removal

Cycle Construction recently played a key role in a project designed to help vessels access and navigate a busy channel in Empire, LA. Performing as a subcontractor to Kiewit-Pittman JV on this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, (USACE) project, the family-owned company was tasked with removing a 105-ton floodgate. Having weathered decades of storms and tides, the old floodgate – which lay under water when not closed – was damaging the bottoms of passing vessels in the channel.  In 2017, Kiewit-Pittman completed construction of a new structure and gate, making the remaining old structure both obsolete and a hazard. Continue reading “Empire, LA Floodgate Removal”

6 Key Qualities of a Successful Heavy Civil Contractor

Construction workers doing large job

When researching heavy civil contractors for your upcoming project, it is important to establish criteria to be met to ensure a successful project. Large, civil jobsites can be chaotic at times, with many moving parts. You want to hire a contractor that can effectively and efficiently run the job, keep all workers safe and keep the job within or below budget.  A civil contractor should be “on top of their game” to handle the challenges that arise daily. Here are six key qualities of a heavy civil contractor that are integral to successful projects: Continue reading “6 Key Qualities of a Successful Heavy Civil Contractor”

Nashville Avenue Wharf: “A” Substructure Repairs

deteriorating pile

Cycle Marine Group, Inc of Kenner, LA is overseeing the restoration of more than 4,000 piles supporting the Nashville Avenue Terminal Complex in New Orleans. The family-owned company was awarded the $20 million project in early 2017.

The Terminal Complex is one of nearly a dozen Mississippi River cargo terminals owned by the Port of New Orleans. It is an important transfer point for much ofthe Port’s breakbulk, primary, and containerized cargo. Continue reading “Nashville Avenue Wharf: “A” Substructure Repairs”

Cycle awarded 1st Place in Heavy Division for the AGC Construction Safety Excellence Awards

Team standing with AGC award trophy

Cycle Construction was recently awarded 1st Place in the Heavy Division for the AGC Construction Safety Excellence Awards (CSEA) from the Associated General Contractors of America. The CSEA recognizes those construction companies that excel at safety performance, examining each candidate’s commitment to safety and occupational health management and risk control.

“This is a significant milestone for Cycle, as AGC of America is the leading association for the construction industry with over 26,000 firms. This award recognizes our team’s unwavering commitment to safety. I am very proud of our team,” said Jonathan Kernion, President of Cycle Construction. Continue reading “Cycle awarded 1st Place in Heavy Division for the AGC Construction Safety Excellence Awards”

Seven employees earn their Cycle Red Hardhat

Men presented with red hard hats

After completing a 90-day onsite training period, seven Cycle team members were given their coveted Cycle Red Hardhat, a symbol of understanding and dedication to Cycle’s safety guidelines and operating policies.

Safety Trainer Roland Helms bestowed red hard hats to Frederick Nieve, Charles Chauvin, Damon Variste, Taures King, Eddie Cade, Ronnie Bardell and Charles Rhodes in a ceremony at Cycle University, the company’s training headquarters. Continue reading “Seven employees earn their Cycle Red Hardhat”

Raising the Bar on Safety

Cycle worker operating large bucket scoop

Cycle Construction is preparing to roll out a new safety management software that should save time and money – while saving lives. Created specifically for the construction industry, HCSS Safety is a complete system that centralizes and streamlines all of Cycle’s safety operations. The result: Less paperwork and administrative time; and more opportunities for project teams to improve efficiency and take a more proactive approach to the safety protocol. Continue reading “Raising the Bar on Safety”

Cycle Construction Goes to PreK

PreK 3 class at St. Dominic School today with a Peterbilt 600 horse

Cycle Construction team member Troy David visited the PreK 3 class at St. Dominic School today with a Peterbilt 600 horse power tractor truck from our heavy haul fleet. These future construction professionals got an up-close look at a “big truck” and they are ready to work!

Exploring through touch, the children got “hands-on” experience by sitting in the driver’s seat for a pretend test drive.   They also learned through discovery by visiting each side of the truck and counting the number of wheels. And they correctly counted 12 wheels. Continue reading “Cycle Construction Goes to PreK”

The Dos and Don’ts of Driving Near Heavy Haul Trucks: Trucking Safety Tips for Car Drivers

Truck moving heavy equipment

With over 3.2 million truck drivers registered in the United States – together, logging in more than 140 billion travel miles each year, it’s no wonder that heavy haul trucks take up a large part of our highways and byways. An integral part of the U.S. economy, these large vehicles are responsible for the delivery of 68% of all goods moving across the country annually. Continue reading “The Dos and Don’ts of Driving Near Heavy Haul Trucks: Trucking Safety Tips for Car Drivers”

Why wetland restoration is important for Louisiana and how the construction industry can help

Louisiana wetlands aerial photo

Louisiana is home to approximately 40% of all coastal wetlands in the United States. Sadly, the Bayou State is also where 90% of the nation’s coastal wetlands disappear each year. In fact, every thirty minutes, Louisiana loses one acre of wetlands!  

New Orleans is at the epicenter of this. Much of the metro area consists of marshes and swamps, giving us beautiful landscapes and one of the world’s most productive ecosystems. When preserved, our local wetlands also serve as effective buffers to wind and storm surge, reducing damage and coastal erosion. But if nothing is done to maintain this waterscape, metro New Orleans could meet a fate similar to the rest of the coastline.  Fortunately, there are ways to turn this situation around. Cycle Construction and Cycle Marine are leaders in making our coastline stronger. The following outlines three ways in which the construction industry can play a major part in preserving our coastline. Continue reading “Why wetland restoration is important for Louisiana and how the construction industry can help”